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Help with my closer situation

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My league has 2 RP slots. I currently own Putz and Street. But Chapman and Frieri were just dropped because the guy is giving up on winning saves. My waiver spot is 4/10. Should I put in for 1, both, or none? And if so, who should be my no. 1 waiver priority? Im thinking of putting in for Frieri and dropping Street but I would appreciate any advice.

asked Jun 26, 2012 in Waiver Wire by abc3vh (24 points)

2 Answers

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Chapman has the rates to be a top 3 closer in the league. I can't believe an owner would just outright drop him instead of trade him.

He's worth more than Frieri, so yes, I'd burn that on Chapman. But both closers are worth owning. Since it's roto, you could try and hold all four for a few weeks (if you have the roster spot) and build up a nice lead in stats before dumping the one that cools off/gets injured in a few weeks.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by Colin Zarzycki (74 points)
its a H2H league. Does that change how you would view both closers? I assume not. I will most likely put in for Chapman as no. 1 priority and put in for Frieri as no. 2.
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I would claim both, they have excellent rates across the board.  Street could easily be traded at the deadline, so he is your first drop.

I would actually put Frieri ahead of Chapman - similar rates, but he has looked great since becoming a closer, while Chapman has looked human over the past two weeks.  Can't go wrong with either guy though.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by pato610 (42 points)
yeah i feel like Frieri, while he does have Scott Downs to be wary of, has been performing better than Chapman as of late