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I have Longoria, Tulo, and Morrow and only 3 Bench spots and 1 DL spot, should I drop any of them?

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They have all been great for me, but I only have one open bench spot at the moment. I have Rollins and Lawrie at SS and 3B, respectively. Non-keeper.
asked Jun 26, 2012 in Strategy by DaveOB (7 points)

2 Answers

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If it's a redraft league, you can drop Tulo.  COL is out of it and there is no reason to risk rushing him back.  Assuming rehab goes well and there are zero setbacks he might get in three weeks at the end of the year.  THat's not really worth holding on to if there's something else you need
answered Jun 26, 2012 by NatsFan73 (26 points)
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Non-Keeper league, I would be ok dropping Tulo and Morrow.  Tulo won't get in more than a Month, and pitcher injuries tend to drag on.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by pato610 (42 points)