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Keeper League trade help

0 votes
$260, roto - (OBP,,R,RBI,TB, SB for offense)

16 teams, unlimited keepers ($5 increase if salary is under $20, %10 increase if salary is above $20)

Giving - Rasmus ($8), Moustakas ($3), and Utley ($31)


Pedroia ($24) and Tulo ($21)

I'm building for next year and have a very strong, young outfield (Trout, Jennings, Chris Young as keepers).  Almost no MI, though.  

asked Jun 26, 2012 in Trades by Chris (5 points)
edited Jun 26, 2012 by Chris

3 Answers

+1 vote
I would do this. Getting ride of Moustakas might hurt (and I guess Rasmus too, maybe) but Pedoria and Tulo are well worth keeping for several years, even at 10% inflation.

I'd do this deal and not look back.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by David Wiers (273 points)
+1 vote
Do it. Utley is not a keeper in this format at that cost.

Next year it would cost you $55 to keep your 3 players (although I would keep Moustakas and Rasmus and drop Utley even if I'm your trading partner), and $49 to keep Pedroia and Tulo, giving you $6 to find your Moustakas replacement. You should be able to fill that gap at 3b, and you're getting obvious improvements (although with DL concerns) with a strong OF.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by tylersnotes (45 points)
0 votes
I agree with the other two.  Do the trade.  While losing Moustakas will hurt, you upgrade 2B by a large margin while decreasing the salary.  Tulo will make up for the loss of Moustakas.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by mattpander (43 points)