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Two keeper Qs: Molina v S.Perez & Darvish v Motte

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12-team, standard 5x5, keep 5

Definite keepers are Goldschmidt (12th), Ian Kennedy (18th), Machado (21st). Can keep two more and want input...

  • Yadier Molina (13th) v Salvador Perez (10th) 
  • Jason Motte (11th) v Yu Darvish (4th)

Is Perez's upside worth three rounds compared to Molina? Is Darvish in the 4th that much better than Motte in the 11th? 

Other info to consider, this league allows trading of draft picks, and as a result of last year's trades my team currently has NO picks in rounds 5-9--which means I get my first four picks, then wait to pick again until round 10. Darvish would normally count as a 6th round keeper, but because I have no 6th or 5th round picks, he moves all the way up to a 4th rounder.

On the plus side, I have multiple picks in both middle (11-14) and late (20-21) rounds, and plan to mix and match best available with future keeper targets with those picks.

Any feedback/thoughts are appreciated!

asked Jan 2, 2013 in Keepers by shquick (3 points)

1 Answer

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I'd take Molina over Perez and Darvish over Motte.

I don't think I'd ever keep a reliever, so Motte was jettisoned pretty early. If it happens to be a 2-catcher league (you said standard, so I doubt it) then I'd keep both Molina and Perez.

I like Perez's power and average potential as much as anyone, and I have my doubts about Yadi repeating 2012 (he won't come close to the homers, but how the average shakes out is key).

Actually, if given the chance I'd trade both Molina and Perez before the season starts or keepers are due. But I always prefer to punt catcher.
answered Jan 2, 2013 by David Wiers (273 points)
Thanks. Hadn't considered trading one or both C's, so that is something to think about pre-draft. I'm bullish on Darvish, but will need him to be a top 40-50 player in order to meet draft-day value.