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OBP instead of Avg

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In our 5x5 roto we switched to OBP instead of avg along with Quality Starts instead of Wins. My questions are what are good base levels to gage the players stats on? What is a good middle OBP? What is a good middle Quality Start level?  Thanks for the help.
asked Feb 6, 2013 in Strategy by goody004 (11 points)

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FanGraphs has a great breakdown  in their glossary, under "OBP."  It also does a a nice breakdown by position.



Rating OBP
Excellent 0.400
Great 0.370
Above Average 0.340
Average 0.320
Below Average 0.310
Poor 0.300
Awful 0.290

Unfortunately, this doesn't tell you anything about how your fantasy team needs to perform in the OBP category.  Part of it depends on how many teams are in the league.  For fantasy purposes, I'd say you probably want your team to produce in the .350 - .360 range. 

I can tell you that my highly-competitive roto league fits the FanGraphs breakdown pretty well. Here's the min/max for the OBP category in my league, for the past 5 years.  You can see the range goes up when there are fewer teams.

Year Min Max # of teams
2012 0.314 0.345 12
2011 0.319 0.351 14
2010 0.334 0.363 11
2009 0.340 0.367 10
2008 0.338 0.363 10

Good luck!

answered Feb 14, 2013 by willsmith888 (74 points)
selected Feb 14, 2013 by goody004
Thanks that was very helpful and thanks for putting your datat from past leagues on here.