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Top 10 to target for Holds?

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My league is adding holds to the categories this year (SV + Holds - Blown SVs). Have never focused on RPs before -

Any suggestions on who to target for holds?

Is it better to target set up guys?

Are there any guys who get more holds than saves?

I'm assuming this hurts closer value even further?
asked Feb 11, 2013 in Lineups by sulliepq (7 points)

1 Answer

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I play in seveal holds leagues (and I like them in fantasy, but not real life) and there are plenty of options.

That being said, instead of the usual 8th inning set up Mike Adams types, a lot of times I go for LOOGY's/7th inning guys.

Someone like Sean Doolittle, Luke Gregorson, and Glen Perkins are all great guys to grab in the last two or three rounds.

By nature, there are more Holds available than saves, as multiple relievers can get a Hold in a single game, even both teams can accrue holds, but there is only one person from one team who can get a save.

The beauty of Holds is that it makes about 50 more relievers relevant. And when the inevitable closer injury/ineffectiveness/manager panic move happens, your Holds guy could easily be promoted to closer.
answered Feb 11, 2013 by David Wiers (273 points)
David - thank you for the response, very helpful.

Who have been the top 5 RPs on your lists the last 2-3 years?

How do you rank closer / set up / loogy in terms of value?

Sorting but shutdowns here and then manually stripping "established closers" from the list, you get a a lot names near the top that most people wouldn't bother owning, let alone drafting.

David Robertson has been great, the entire Braves relief corps has been insane, even guys like O'Flaherty. Sean Marshall is a guy who I will always draft late (you can see that from my two mock drafts I posted over at RotoGraphs) and guys like Antonio Bastardo, Edward Mujica, and Joel Peralta can be really great bargain players too.

Most of those guys won't even be drafted. In just a 10 team league, you could easily stream these guys; I've done in 12 team leagues before.

In case you're wondering why I sorted by shutdowns instead of holds themselves, a player can get a hold without throwing a single pitch (picking someone off, a CS) but that doesn't indicate what a player did. A pitcher could give up three straight walks, leave with the lead and get a hold. If the pitcher that relieved him gives up a hit, the first reliever could get both a hold and a loss, as the first pitcher is still responsible for those runners. 

Shutdowns (and meltdowns) are what the pitcher did to improve his team's chance of winning: WPA.