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Move rosters to a new fantasy site?

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OK, so i started an auction keeper league in CBS last year.....Big mistake. Everyone (myself included), was disappointed with the CBS format.

I want to keep  the league going, and allow people to stil select keepers, but I want to run the league someplace else.

Ideally,  would like to import or manually add 2012 rosters into a new site (like Yahoo or ESPN), allow owners to select keepers, and then draft for 2013 as usual.

Does anyone have suggestions for where I could do that?  Or, is this a lost cause?

asked Feb 14, 2013 in Lineups by willsmith888 (74 points)
recategorized Feb 14, 2013 by willsmith888
UPDATE: I didn't see where Ottoneu enabled this. However, I DID find that ESPN provides this function. I was able to: - manually add 3 keepers to each teams roster. - manually set the auction keeper value for each player, and - team's upcoming auction budget was automatically updated. This made me very happy. This enabled me to leave CBS and keep my keeper league gooing. Cheers!

1 Answer

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I would recommend manually adding your new rosters to... Ottoneu.
answered Feb 14, 2013 by James Gentile (2,018 points)