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Custom Tables

0 votes
I created a custom stat table for hitters and pitchers in the customize section, but everytime I log in and look up a player, the general table comes up. Is there a way to default a table or instantly loading? If not, what's the point of customizing?
asked Apr 5, 2013 in FanGraphs Help by birdnation (25 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
The custom table should save and show up at the top of every player page each time you log in, so something isn't right.

After you create your custom table, are you clicking "submit"?
answered Apr 5, 2013 by James Gentile (2,000 points)
sorry for the late response.  and thanks for your response.

yeah i am. but i found a way around it by creating custom tables and saving them. actually works better for what i want to see.