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Did Dickey throw a 5th-inning Eephus to Alcides Escobar as the 4th pitch tonight (3/14/2013)

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In the bottom of the 5th of today's game featuring the Blue Jays against the Royals, R.A. Dickey threw a pitch on a 0-2 count that clocked in at 65 mph (in KC). MLB's gameday initially called this pitch an Eephus. Pitch F/X did not register any non fastballs/knuckleballs tonight but I don't think that rules it out. MLB's play-by-play currently has no pitch title listed next to the 65 mph 4th pitch of that at-bat. Can this be reviewed?
asked Apr 14, 2013 in FanGraphs Help by ICanRumba (5 points)

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