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who should i drop and pick which player

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this is my team

C -  Napoli    1B- Lance Berkman  2B - Cano    3B - Miguel Cabrera

LF- M.Morse    CF - J Ellsbury           RF - Chris Davis     Util - David Ortiz

 i have  C,LF - Gattis , 1B - mark reynold ,LF - starling marte  

a)  should  i keep the lineup i have OR drop berkman for either gattis ,marte or  reynold (i can swtich postions to make it work in my current roster) OR should i drop Morse for gattis or starling marte.??????....

b)i can also pick up jason kubel for my only DL spot if he is a better player then Morse and  drop morse later when kubel is back what u think ????????

asked Apr 25, 2013 in Waiver Wire by tahahmad (50 points)

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