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We are noticing significant changes in points/standings just before games begin each day - why?

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For several weeks our points league has noticed points changes in the standingsjust before the day's MLB games begin. We've assumed some sort of system reconciliation but lately the changes in points seem to be more frequent and much more significant, including several changes of 50+ and even 90+ points for individual teams. Since we have a very tight race in now the second year of the league there is some growing concern that the standings accrued may not be reliable. Any feedback on this issue? It's understandable that some points change as MLB scoring is adjusted every so often, etc., but some of the wide swings we're seeing lately are worth noting.
asked Jun 27, 2012 in ottoneu Help by Lucky Strikes (14 points)
recategorized Mar 4, 2013 by David Appelman

2 Answers

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I haven't seen this, but I will keep an eye on it and let you know if I notice anything.
answered Jul 3, 2012 by Chad Young (30 points)
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This is a known bug with the platform and the solution is not pretty.

What is happening is that at the start of the first game on a given day, everyone who played the day before and is playing in one of the first slew of games loses their stats.  My solution right now (short-term) is to re-run stats daily for the last few days, so that's why stats disappear and then re-appear.  I have a more permanent solution, but it involves rewriting the entire stats engine.  This would be good to save for the offseason I think.

Let me know if this makes sense.  Oh, and why do those players lose stats at that time every day?  That... that I cannot answer.  Believe me when I tell you I'm very, very familiar with that portion of the code right now.  Looking there is a big reason why I didn't make that lineups page fix earlier.
answered Jul 3, 2012 by Niv Shah (39 points)
Has this issue been fixed for 2013 season?