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What is Starlin Castro's batting average by pitch type?

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Is there any way of determining Starlin Castro's batting average on breaking balls he puts in play as opposed to fastballs? I feel like he has much more success with breaking pitches but can't seem to find a way to confirm. Thanks in advance.
asked Jun 15, 2013 in Sabermetrics by TheBonch (3 points)

2 Answers

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I can't give a perfect answer, but I can help a little.


Texas Leaguers has a breakdown of what happens against each type of pitch (swing, foul, in play), but you can also call up spray charts for each pitch, so you can  do a count yourself.

And you can get splits of just about every other type both on FG and here (http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.cgi?id=castrst01&year=2013&t=b).


answered Jun 15, 2013 by Neil Weinberg (190 points)
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I'd say your observation agrees with PITCHf/x data frm 2013. Nice job.

Looking at Castro's batting average on contact (which would include home runs), Starlin is hitting .307 on sliders, change-ups, curves, and knuckle curves.

His combined BA/CON for four-seamers, two-seamers, cutters, and sinkers is just .281.

Here is the breakdown for each pitch type:

answered Jun 16, 2013 by James Gentile (1,933 points)