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Pujols for Moore and Goldschmidt Keeper?

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offered Pujols for Moore in a keeper league, could keep moore cant keep Pujols have a real shot at this year. Will Pujols be himself?
asked Jun 27, 2012 in Keepers by Brian547 (13 points)
I have some reservations about Moore. His command is bad and he can't get lefties out. Until he can solve at least on of these probably, I think he will continue to be a 4.5 ERA, 1.5 WHIP guy that isn't really worth rostering unless you need Ks. He also gives up a lot of homers. Both problems are pretty glaring, in my opinion, and it's not clear when or whether he will work them out. (This means that his keeper value may be limited.)


Everyone who answer "Matt Moore" to the question "Who's baseball's best prospect?" looks a little silly right now because all of Moore's problems were problems in the minors and now it's showing that they're serious problems when facing MLB competition.

Albert Pujols will probably hit .260//350/500 RoS. I'd rather have that.

Judging from your subject line, you also have Goldschmidt? I'd consider trading Pujols, but I would try to get more than Moore for him.

2 Answers

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If you have a shot this year, I'd hold onto Pujols.  He has been doing much, much better recently. This doesn't mean that I think he is going to be peak Pujols, but I do think he will help your team.
answered Jun 27, 2012 by mattpander (43 points)
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Im in a similar situation, can't keep Pujols beyond this year but in contention for 1st.  My price tag for Pujols would be higher than this.
answered Jun 29, 2012 by pato610 (42 points)