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Sell Anthony Rizzo at $1?

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Very deep NL only league.  11 teams with a 23 man roster, budget is $260.  I have Anthony Rizzo at $1 and can keep him the next three years @ $1, $6, and $11.

Should I sell high on him or is having him at that price too much value to give up?  If I sell, how much can I reasonably expect back?
asked Jun 27, 2012 in Keepers by Tim (16 points)
curious to see whether you sold him and what you got back.

11 team NL-only, i'd have been salivating over the potential of an adam laroche with upside for that price.
Still working on it. I'm asking for a top SP plus a decent non-keeper CI.  One guy considering Cain + Belt.

1 Answer

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I'd personally look to cash in as his value may never be higher. If the contract escalated at a slower rate, my answer would probably be different, but I'd honestly be a little surprised if he becomes THAT much better of a hitter than a guy like Adam LaRoche or Ike Davis who will probably be extremely cheap, 20-25+ HR options entering 2013.
answered Jun 27, 2012 by Mike Newman (21 points)