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Should Dexter Fowler cease batting right-handed?

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His platoon splits are insane. ALMOST as insane as his home/road splits. Dexter Fowler at home versus a right-handed pitcher is very very good: any way we can quantify that combined split as well?
asked Jun 27, 2012 in Sabermetrics by Ira (14 points)
edited Jun 27, 2012 by Ira

1 Answer

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It is a fairly safe assumption that, barring a severe injury, a career switch hitter would be worse if forced to always hit from one side. They have been watching pitches move in more or less the same way (curveballs alwyas move in on them, for example) for their whole career, and they will struggle when all of a sudden a bunch of those pitches do exactly the opposite.

Besides (and more importantly), Fowlers career splits are tiny (103 wRC+ vs R, 105 wRC+ vs L), and his seasonal split neither a large enough sample or even a large enough gap (vs R: 155 PA, 157 wRC+, vs L: 88 PA, 102 wRC+) to make that worth considering.
answered Jun 27, 2012 by williams .482 (46 points)
Well, assuming this is his breakout, one can't discount the possibility that that platoon gap could increase over the duration of his career.

Anyway, how about that Home/Road split?  That is good stuff.
Tangotiger found that platoon splits for switch hitters stablize (as in, become more predictive than assuming no split whatsoever) after about 600 PA against lefties. Fowler is at 88, so odds are very good at this point that he will simply regress back.

As for home-road splits, he plays in Coors field. Most players on the Rockies have crazy splits.