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What are the out percentages by Batted Ball Type?

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So, I've been doing some research trying to find the average player's statistically probability of performing any event (mostly as a base line) and I've encountered a problem. Looking at the league averages for things like K%, FB%, LD%, and GB%, I've tried to figure out the likelihood any of these turn into an out. For instance, the league averages were 18.48%, 36.26%, 19.56%, and 45.1% respectively from 2008-2012. I've adjusted the totals to 18.48%, 29.56%, 15.9%, and 36.0% to adjust for 100% types of ways that at bats end. Now I'm trying to figure out how often each of these end in outs by multiplying by league average BABIP for each type, but I start getting outs that total up to 76% of plate appearnces. (18.48%, 25.5%, 4.4%, 27.5% respectively). I figure the answer should be around 66-68% since at bats that don't end in an out is about 32-34%. What am I doing wrong?
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asked Aug 27, 2013 in Sabermetrics by meldivar (3 points)
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For any one else reading this thread

From 2008-2012 Retrosheet gives these BABIP values:

F ly balls  .172
Ground balls .236
Line drives:  .717
Pop ups:  .021

You can also search these one-by-one as 'splits' in the Fangraphs leagues tab: