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Confused by losing pitcher decision game 3 of the World Series

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I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about baseball and scoring but am confused as to why Brandon Workman received the loss in Game 3 of the World Series and not Koji Uehara when the winning run that scored was the one that Uehara let on.  Here is how the Bottom of the 9th played out: 

Pitching: Brandon Workman

1.  Matt Adams strikes out swinging (1 out).

2.  Yadier Molina singles (runner at 1st)

Pitching Change: Koji Uehara replaces Brandon Workman

3.  Allen Craig doubles (runners at 2nd and 3rd)

4.  John Jay reaches on a fielder's choice, Yadier Molina out at home ( 2outs).  Allen Craig scores on interference by third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

5.  Game Over. 


Maybe I am missing something very obvious but is not Allen Craig the responsibility of Koji Uehara?  Should not he be the one who received the loss in the game?  Anyone know why? 



asked Oct 28, 2013 in FanGraphs Help by Spardger (9 points)

1 Answer

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Yeah this is a tricky one. Same thing happened during a Tigers game earlier this year. The rule is meant to capture the spirit of the runner, meaning that if there is a fielder's choice that erases the previous pitcher's runner, the new runner belongs to that same previous pitcher. Rule 10.16 (G).


answered Oct 29, 2013 by Neil Weinberg (190 points)