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Is this trade offensively unfair?

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Leaguemates of mine are hooting and hollering and spouting conspiracy theories about a recent trade I made in a mixed, 12 team, 5X5 roto, 6 keeper, auction league. The last place team happens to be a friend of mine (a key fact that leads to the conspiracy theories) who took over his team from a failed owner this season. During the draft he WAY overpaid for Braun ($55+) for the chance to trade him during the season because his team stunk. I kept Hosmer ($5) and Heyward ($15) along with other players. My team is competing and I wanted to cash in my "future" chips for some "now" chips, and so I offered Hosmer and Heyward for Braun, and he accepted. Hosmer can be kept at $10 and Heyward at $20, both reasonable prices for what they would go for in an open auction. Braun is un-keepable. Of course for this year the trade looks lopsided, but I am sure that is not why my friend did it as he is building a team that can win in the future.

Is this trade as offensively unfair as my leaguemates claim?
asked Jun 28, 2012 in Trades by fattonyjohn (14 points)

1 Answer

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Not at all. In my opinion, it is making trades like this that keeper leagues are all about. As long as you are within your cap, this should definitely be allowed.

(I once traded Pujols for Youk, Konnerko, Lilly and a closer to make a run at my league. No one batted an eye. About three weeks later, I was screwed. Youk wrecked his thumb and Strasburg went to see Dr. Andrews. I got a few saves and a mediocre SP for a big downgrade at first base.)
answered Jun 28, 2012 by philosofool (104 points)
Exactly! These guys need to realize there is value in having two players on your team next year with star potential and a cheap price. Braun is not staying on my team. And it's not like Jason Heyward is chopped liver. He is going to end up in the roto top 50 by the end of this year. Hosmer was billed as the next Joey Votto before this season started, and he has an impossibly low BABIP. These guys are going to outperform their salaries for at least 2 more years, and Hosmer maybe 4+.