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What position will Billy Hamilton play in the majors?

+1 vote
Rough ETA?
asked Jun 28, 2012 in Prospects by jcxy (183 points)
Starting left bench.

1 Answer

+2 votes
ETA 2014 (mid or late season) or 2015. He just doesn't have the sort of bat that gets promoted aggresively.

There have been doubts about him as a SS in MLB. His arm is below average and the physical tools for range are there, but I've heard he lacks sure hands. With his speed, I would expect him to move to CF. However, he's got about 2 years in MiLB to work on the glove, so I think he will get a long look at short for the next year or so before anyone decides to transition him off short.
answered Jun 29, 2012 by philosofool (104 points)