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Adding BABIP splits to GUTS!

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I was interested in yearly BABIP averages for the respective batted ball types (grounders, flies, liners, bunts) as a league wide value. Is that something that can be added to the GUTS section of the site?

It would make for comparing players' respective lines much more straight forward and helping to understand where their BABIP regression will be most evident.
asked Apr 10 in FanGraphs Suggestions by robertobeers (25 points)

1 Answer

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I understnd this is a site suggestion, but just in case you didn't know:

This information is available on the site under league splits, for instance here are the batting averages for groundballs 2003-2013:


If you download the csv for all three batted ball types and put them in aspreadsheet together it will look like this:

answered Apr 10 by James Gentile (1,864 points)