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Is there an error in the Playoff Odds page calculation?

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Or do I just not know how to read it? If you apply the Rest of Season winning% to the number of games left, and then add the current win total, the result is different than the projected wins. Shouldn't this add up? Instead, the Expected Wins appear to be calculated as the Rest of Season winning% over 162 games, a method that seems like an error, unless Rest of Season and Expected Wins are both still the pre-season numbers, unchanged by the first couple weeks and applied to all 162.

This appears to be the case on both the Projections Mode tab and the Season to Date Stats mode tab.
asked Apr 14 in FanGraphs Help by david h (3 points)

1 Answer

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This should be corrected.  We were still running that particular stat in off-season mode.
answered Apr 14 by David Appelman (809 points)