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Scoring Query Pirates@Reds 04/14 and 04/15

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The Pirates Reds game on the 14th April was postponed after 6 innings or so and completed on the 15th April before the next game started. They then played the game that was scheduled for the 15th.

In Ottoneu scoring it seems that the game of the 14th was counted once on the 14th and then again on the 15th instead of the game scheduled for the 15th.

Is this correct, is it an error and will it be changed?

asked Apr 16 in ottoneu Help by Eugene (19 points)

1 Answer

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Typically what happens with suspended games, is in our live data feed, it is listed as the date the game resumed on.  In the more official data feed we get, all the stats will be attributed to the 14th.  

Suspended game don't show up in the official feed until the game is considered complete.
answered Apr 16 by David Appelman (809 points)