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RE24 scale for batters and pitchers

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Is this metric on the same scale for batters and pitchers?

I have read that for batters it is plate appearances and for pitchers innings pitched.

Is this right?

Secondary to this, I have produced a query to calculate the number of runs/pa and runs/innings to get the league averages. For 2013 batting gives 20018/179361 whereas pitching gives 20255/43653.1. Why is there a discrepency in the runs ie 20018 to 20255?

I am trying to estimate the actual number of runs a batter and pitcher is worth per game to produce an estimate of the game score.



asked Apr 16, 2014 in Sabermetrics by eggy (5 points)

1 Answer

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I'm not sure I understand the question.

If a pitcher walks the leadoff batter he gets -.4 runs, the batter gets +.4 runs in RE24. I'm not sure what you mean by "scale" there.

And I see 20255 runs for 2013 in the batters section as well as pitchers:


It appears you may have accidentally had the "NP" filter tab clicked in the batting section.
answered Apr 17, 2014 by James Gentile (1,933 points)
yes, I did have the NP selected  good spot :)

Ok, so the RE24 is accumulated for each plate appearance for the pitcher and batter. I wanted a metric common to batting and pitching on the same "scale" for direct comparison and to work on the value of a player in a game and RE24 was the one I found - I couldnt find any others.

With this in mind presumably I can divide RE24 for TBF for the pitcher and PA for the batters RE24. Then I was going to multiply it by the average TBF & PA for the player to get his average run value per game.

Does that make sense? I'm new to sabermetrics and its all a little confusing knowing exactly what each stat is exactly.