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First pitch strike rate, and relation to BA, Eno

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Hey Eno, I was listing to the 5/6 podcast, you and Collette were talking about the correllation of a first pitch strike to Batting Average and basically how 0-1 equates to about 2.10 league avg BA, where 1-0 equates to something closter to 300.  Can you rerun these numbers delimmiting for batters actually owned in Fantasy.  Here's what I'm driving at, there are literally hundreds of batters owned in 0 fantasy leagues.  You pick the ownership percentage that you'd like to be the demarcation point, 50% 30% 20% whatever.  But what is the split on 0-1 count vs. 1-0 count for players who are actually owned/used in fantasy.  I gues what I'm driving at is I would imagine the entire dataset will move to the right on the scale, i'm mostly interested in what the BA is for the 0-1 count and if the spread between the two narrows at all.
asked May 7 in Lineups by steveschaffling (3 points)

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