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Do you hate the arbitration rule in Ottoneu?

+1 vote
I hate it.
asked Jun 29, 2012 in ottoneu Help by philosofool (104 points)
recategorized Mar 4, 2013 by David Appelman
I get the point of rebalancing, but the whole idea of a dynasty league is that you get to keep your favorite players.

2 Answers

+1 vote
I'd argue that the point of a dynasty league is to reward owners who take a long-term view and to keep owners of non-competitive teams interested throughout the year, despite the fact that they will not finish in the money.


That said, we are definitely open to recommendations on how to improve the arbitration rule, if you have any. Leave them on this thread...I'll check back if anything pops up.
answered Jul 3, 2012 by Chad Young (30 points)
Just spitballin' here, maybe you could designate a guy that you don't want to be allowed to be voted off. As a result, either the league couldn't vote for him, or they could vote for him, but the 2nd place vote getter would end up being voted off if your special guy was first.

Perhaps in exchange for guaranteeing you keep the dude, though, his cost goes up more, like $3 or $4 instead of $2 (or 2-3 instead of 1 for a minor league guy). In this case, maybe you let people protect more than one player, with a limit of say 3, if you're willing to take the additional payroll hit.
A "Franchise" tag would be nice. Before arbitration, an owner can select 1, 2, or 3 guys who are not eligible for arbitration.
+1 vote
I love it.

Adds some much needed balance. The $5 discount is reward enough. I'm open to hear better suggestions, but I haven't seen one yet I think the way it works is pretty good.
answered Jul 13, 2012 by soamx (7 points)