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Which of the two is more important: Hustle or Grit?

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asked Jun 30, 2012 in Ephemera by samuelraphael (179 points)
I think that there is a better metric available for our purposes: the GRISSION metric pioneered by the excellent gentlemen over at Amazin' Avenue to properly assess the value of Alex Cora. As suggested by the name, GRISSION takes into account one's grit and passion, quantified by facial stubble, how soiled one's uniform is, how many unsuccessful dives for unreachable balls, and the ratio of sheer mediocrity to the visible effort exerted by the player in question.

2 Answers

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Or, is there a stat yet that shows how a player does once he gets his uniform dirty? No there is not.  But maybe there should be.
answered Jul 1, 2012 by Cliff B (9 points)
There should also be a stat for being thrown out by only a step.
I'm still waiting for the foul home runs stat, so get in line behind me.
About that: if you google 'grit statistic baseball" you will be shown links to at least 5 different people who have attempted for one reason or another to measure 'grit'. I'm certain they thought they were being funny, but I wonder if they thought they were being creative.
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I prefer Grit, the family newspaper you could order from comic books in the 70s to Hustler.
answered Jul 16, 2012 by deadhead (20 points)