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HELP w/ my ROTO team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am in a 12 team 6x6 ROTO lg and have been stuck in 6th place all yr , one day I gain 2 pts only to lose 2.5 the next day , gain 1 pt one day lose .5 pts the next I need some help about what to do  with HOLDS and OBP being the 6th hitting and pitching Cats

here is my lineup ( I made a slew of trade & adds in hopes something would work but no luck )

C-   Santana / Rosario

1b - I.Davis

2b - Zobrist / M. Young

SS - Y. Betancourt / S. Drew

3b - Sandoval

OF - Trout

OF - Dunn

OF - Betemit / Saunders

UTIL - Saunders / Rosario / Young

*** I drafted Ellsbury in the first rd but well who knows how well he will perform

SP - Wainwright , Moore , Buehrle , Lohse , Milone , Wandy , D. Hudson DL

RP - Hanrahan , Marmol , Lyon, Padilla ( Holds lg can only play max 4 RP's per day )


HELP PLEASE I will make trades moves etc just need help on how to actually make some progress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
asked Jun 30, 2012 in Strategy by josephkolarz (3 points)

1 Answer

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ideas: trade dunn to a team in need of power for a SP, sell high on milone for a hitter, and get in the business of streaming OFs/Utils until Ellsbury gets back.

btw, who was your 2nd round pick?
answered Jul 3, 2012 by jcxy (183 points)