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To punt or not to punt (saves)

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5x5 Roto - Redraft, 12 team league.

Here are the dynamics:

A. One owner has already punted saves, so I'm assured of at least 11th place (where I am currently)

B. 8 saves behind 10th place, 35 behind 1st place, but I don't need that many to move up quite a few spots.

C. My only closer is Rodney

D. If I were to deal Rodney, I'd have to start 9 SP's each week. My current rotation is as follows:

Kershaw, Sale, Lincecum, Masterson, Kuroda, Marcum, EJax, Buehrle, Detwiler, Lilly, Quintana, Cashner.

Currently 2nd in K's, 3rd in ERA, 2nd in WHIP, tied for 4th in wins with the guy who punted saves, and thats 11 behind 1st.

No doubt that Rodney is helping in these categories, however until his last start Lincecum has hurt me.

If I were to deal Rodney, would I try to upgrade pitching to stay competitive in ERA/WHIP? Or should I go after hitting? I could use help with runs and batting average.

Or, trade for a closer, and hope to acquire another off the wire if/when closers get moved.

currently have been offered Casilla for Zobrist. and Myers for Kuroda. Neither of them very attractive deals :(
asked Jul 2, 2012 in Strategy by thalooch (57 points)
recategorized Jul 2, 2012 by David Appelman

1 Answer

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If you're deciding to punt a category, you can't just look at the pitching stats to predict your total performance. How are you doing in offense? If you can predict finishing the season in the top 3 for 6 categories, that should more than make up for punting a category.

You most likely would not get much of an upgrade if you trade for a reliever, or deal Rodney. Myers for Kuroda is probably the best trade you'd get, and if the Astros trade Myers he may not be closing anymore.

Right now Rodney is helping you in ERA/WHIP. I'd probably pick up a guy like Romo or K-Rod, who could potentially wind up in a closer situation in the next month or so and help your other stats in the meantime. Punting RPs will require more work in playing matchups to help fix your ERA after the hurt Lincecum put on it for the first half.

Whatever you decide, don't trade Zobrist for Casilla.
answered Jul 2, 2012 by tylersnotes (45 points)
This is how I'm doing in the other categories:

7th in BA, 6th in HR, 5th in rbi, 5th in Rs, and 1st in SB's

I've also got Longoria on the bench to provide a boost, and Bonifacio on the bench too, although I don't need steals so I would look to trade him when he comes off the DL.

I've also had to deal with Morse on the DL for most of the season who I just got back, so offensively things are looking up.

Are there any "buy-low" closers you think I could target? I'm thinking Ryan Cook, Tom Wilhelmsen. Any others?