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Trade Trout - is it heresy?

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Feeling pretty pleased with myself for trading for Trout in 3 dynasty leagues last year.  But is now a time to sell high?  Seems I might be able to command an insane price.  Tulo for Trout a fair deal (dynasty, no $ values, no time limit) or should I ask for more?
asked Jul 3, 2012 in Trades by twinmh (19 points)

1 Answer

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i don't think there is a player i'd rather own ad infinitum than trout and i wouldn't exactly call tulo an insane price. feels more like a medium sell high/buy low. it's worth pointing out that it's possible we've seen the best of tulo (he's 27, the generally accepted "peak" for hitters) and the regularity of injuries are, of course, a big red flag.

however, deciding whether to "sell high" on trout should also depend heavily on your place on the win curve. can trading trout put you over the top this year and next? also, what kind of player do you see trout being in 2014: 15/45 or 25/60?
answered Jul 3, 2012 by jcxy (183 points)
I'd say it's a fair deal but I'd rather be on the Trout side. Tulo is simply an injury risk moving forward. Doing this trade this year certainly puts you behind the curve if you want to win your league, because you won't get Tulo back for awhile.

Trout, while it's hard to imagine him getting better than this, has more upside. Tulo may have very well hit his ceiling already, and his lack of steals are going to hold him back.

The other thing to consider is the lineup/team. Angels simply have the better lineup and should lead to more rbi opportunities and a lot more runs scored for Trout.