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Bench a platoon player without a replacement?

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I have Dexter Fowler, and he's on the road all week. Is it better to just bench him and not find a waiver replacement and just leave one of my OF spots unmanned? If all he can do is negatively affect my ratios, why not just leave him out? I have some pitchers that I don't want to let go of.

Anyone ever employ this tactic?
asked Jul 3, 2012 in Strategy by game6ers (8 points)

1 Answer

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Its possible if you feel the hit to his ratio stats will hurt  more than the loss of his counting stats.

But for his career he averages:

266/93/8/51/20 per 162 games and

291/54/6/27/11 per 81 home games

Which of those two lines will have more value for the season?

answered Jul 4, 2012 by gryfyn1 (15 points)