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ubaldo or trevor bauer?

0 votes
asked Jul 6, 2012 in Waiver Wire by abc3vh (24 points)

1 Answer

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Interesting question, as I would imagine both will have some fairly spectacular starts and some wild, forgettable ones as well. Ubaldo had a nice June where he cut his walk rate way down, and Progressive Field is the 25th ranked as far as Park Factor runs goes this season, while Chase Field is 2nd).

While the NL pitcher is often better to choose when things are close, in this case I would personally try the more "proven" Jimenez as the AL central doesn't have many potent offenses right now and his ball park is a much easier place to pitch in.
answered Jul 6, 2012 by jroe31 (75 points)

I agree with this conclusion and would add that it's not like Trevor Bauer has *nothing* to prove in AAA either. The BB rate, the extra pitches (even if he were on the worst team in baseball, he can't pitch fewer than 5 and expect to retain his rotation spot)...there is a nonzero chance that he is sent down to the minors at some point.

Couple that with Jimenez's downright serviceable June...yeah, it's Jimenez.