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K's the same as other outs?

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I know I have seen the reasoning behind this before but it would help if someone explained it to me again.  Why are batter K's just as acceptable as GO/FO?  I realize they all result in an out but a FO could advance a runner.


asked Jul 7, 2012 in Sabermetrics by Mike (46 points)

4 Answers

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It is true that SO are slighly more damaging than a BIP out, but that difference is largely overstated in conventional baseball lore. Run values say a K is worth -.30 runs while a fly out is worth -.28 runs, GB -.24.

answered Jul 8, 2012 by James Gentile (1,907 points)
selected Jul 8, 2012 by Mike
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who said they were? In fact based on Linear weights, K are worse the FO/GO

answered Jul 7, 2012 by gryfyn1 (15 points)
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While they aren't exactly the same, you have to also factor in that a SO can only create one out (unless we start including strikeout/throw out situations - fairly/unfairly) where a GO/FO can produce multiple outs.
answered Jul 9, 2012 by odditie (53 points)
linear weights 'factor in' DP/TP.
Right, that's why strikeouts aren't as bad as they seem (relative to making a GO/FO). They can only have 1 out worth of damage so while they don't help advance runners they also don't cause multiple outs like a ground out or fly out can.
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When thinking about what a hitter should perhaps be trying to do (sorry, poor wording), it is also worth noting that a SO is always an out, while from the hitters perspective, a GO/FO is one (much more likely) possibility if they hit a GB/FB. This does not really take into account that a strike (especially a third strike) which is taken by a hitter (or a diciplined hitter, anyways) is probably one they would not hit very well at all, and would have been especialy likely to become an out.
answered Jul 19, 2012 by williams .482 (46 points)