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what to expect (in a trade) for Bonifacio

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Comfortable lead in steals, and I've got Trout, so I feel the need to trade Bonifacio.

I could use some pitching help, what kinds of pitchers do you think I could get back for Bonifacio?

I could also package an Edwin Jackson or Hiroki Kuroda and possibly get a very good pitcher.

I was thinking of offering Bonifacio for Vogelsong straight up, but I think that might not be offering enough and don't want to offend another owner, thus negating any trade talks.
asked Jul 17, 2012 in Trades by thalooch (57 points)

1 Answer

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If I were in your situation, I would look for a leaguemate who is low in the SB category.  That will limit your options of available pitchers.  As for the tier of pitcher you should make an offer for, maybe Tim Hudson, Anibal Sanchez, Trevor Cahill, or even Latos or Kuroda?  Those seem possible especially if the other person is desperate for SBs.  Vogelsong might be a bit of a reach given his current performance but he may be in for a regression as he is performing even better than last year.
answered Jul 19, 2012 by Mike (48 points)