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Wilton Lopez or Francisco Cordero?

0 votes
Or Hold Myers?

Looking for ugly saves, obviously.
asked Jul 21, 2012 in Waiver Wire by jcxy (183 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Coco gets first shot in HOU, so might as well go that route.
answered Jul 24, 2012 by Zach Sanders (52 points)
0 votes
Cordero certainly has the ugly part taken care of.  My money is on Lopez to take over eventually, but that's a tough situation to predict.
answered Jul 25, 2012 by NadavT (9 points)
picked up Cordero, watched his first save opp, promptly dropped him.

watched his second save opp tonight, and patted myself on the back.

this guy is gonna kill your era, your whip, and the Astros don't really win enough to to make him worth the headache. I'd pickup Wilton Lopez asap if he's still available, its only a matter of time, and that might be days.