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Offseason Prediction Markets

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The genesis of this idea is twofold.

1. I love prediction markets. I think they're way more accurate than polling. I also understand that they're increasingly popular with (what I assume is) the FG demographic (20s male college+ educated).

2. I was re-reading some of the offseason commentaries on player transactions (specifically: the commentary section of the Jason Kubel article) and thought: there was significant disagreement on the kind of season Kubel would have and I wish I could have wagered on his wOBA+.

So my question is:

Can Fangraphs offer Prediction Markets this offseason where people buy/sell shares on statistical outcomes of different players?

For instance:
"Will Jason Kubel out-WAR Geraldo Parro in 2012"
"Miguel Cabrera will be worth <-12 UZR"
"Madison Bumgarner will stike out 20% of the batters he faces"
"Prince Fielder will hit 30 HR"

etc etc
asked Jul 30, 2012 in FanGraphs Suggestions by jcxy (183 points)
One other point: I would limit the number of tradeable markets to 10-15 of the most popular/contentious issues because the success of these things tends to be correlated with high interest/activity.

1 Answer

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If you decide to pursue this, would love to work with you guys on this. I'm the founder of Inkling Markets (and a big sports guy;) we have SaaS prediction market software you could use to support this. Let me know if you want to talk more about it.
answered Jul 31, 2012 by yankeeracer73 (5 points)