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Is there a way to see splits of plate discipline stats, particularly month to month?

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asked Aug 1, 2012 in FanGraphs Help by sms267 (5 points)

1 Answer

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FanGraphs currently does not offer that feature. In order to get that kind of data, you would need to use a database such as Retrosheet and then make the splits yourself, which I'm told is quite difficult. :(
answered Aug 9, 2012 by Bradley Woodrum (80 points)

Retrosheet might offer you a few Plate Discipline stats like F-Str%, SwStr%, Swing%, and Contact% if you can write the codes for it. But anything dealing with Zone or O-Zone is probobaly from BIS? Unless Fangraphs gets some super-secret Retrosheet deluxe package that I don't know about?

Oh man, to think there is a super-secret retrosheet package out there that I don't know about...