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What is the most effective way to do pitching categories in fantasy?

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I have been a commissioner for several years now, but recently the steaming of pitchers is starting to irritate people. In an attempt to make pitching more about 'quality' and NOT 'quantity' I have already eliminated Innings Pitched for next season. My question is: If I take it one step further and change total K's and BB's to K/9 and BB/9 (just for pitchers) what are some of the concerns I should I take into account?

asked Aug 6, 2012 in Lineups by Big Knockers (27 points)

2 Answers

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I can tell you from experience, if you change to K/9 and BB/9, the value of relievers is going to skyrocket. Only 3 qualified SP in the bigs have K/9 over 10 right now, but there are 8 relievers who have thrown 50+ IP with 10 K/9 or more. While it is kinda lame to have constant dropping/adding of SP, just think of how much lamer it would be to have that but with relievers. You can kinda balance out K and BB's by adding K/BB or K/9 (or even both) but I would advise against removing counting stats like K and BB entirely.
answered Aug 13, 2012 by DCisforBaseball (25 points)
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Don't. Stamina and durability are big parts of the game, and so they should be in a fantasy league. The Innings pitched thingy is alright, but if you pick a guy who goes below 6 innings per start, or is coming of a TJ surgary and is on a rough pitch count, it's your fault. Picking guys like Verlander who go 8 per start needs to have some value. And if it doesn't come from IP it should come from Ks.
answered Aug 14, 2012 by TutGadol (28 points)