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Catcher positions

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Why are 2 catcher positions required, but the lineups only allow for 1 at a cap of 162 games.  I and some other teams got burned big time by this idiocy.  If this is a software bug, please fix immediately, otherwise please explain why you require 2 positions for a 162 game cap.
asked Aug 7, 2012 in ottoneu Help by mwagner41 (5 points)
recategorized Mar 4, 2013 by David Appelman

1 Answer

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This is a pretty common feature to the 162-max system in fantasy. Since most catchers typically only play about 130 games a year the format will allow 2 active catchers with a 162 limit.
answered Aug 7, 2012 by James Gentile (2,018 points)
Sorry,your missing the point,  that's not consistent gameplay.  If you require the positions, why would you do that?  Outfielders are required to have 5 postions at 162, If they are going to do that, then you require 1 postion player for catcher.  That really hurts the ottenue game.  1 starting catcher is going to play at least 130 games,

a. Starters can be changed daily by each team owner.

b. There is a 162 game maximum for all positional player positions (162 games total for the 2 catcher slots in the lineups page) and a 1500 inning maximum limit for pitchers."

Each team should maintain at all times a roster of 23 major-league players that can fill out a starting lineup. The remaining 17 roster spots can be used for reserves, consisting of both major and minor leaguers. Yeah I saw that, I didn't understand they were just kidding about the roster positions. I found out when you hit the max, the software doesn't allow you to change your line up until you bench the offending players. Thanks
The constitution tells you that you have to maintain a roster capable of filling all spots, not actually have those spots active every day.

The idea behind the catcher slots is that if you have a starter who will play 130ish games and need 30ish from your backup, if you only had one slot, you would have to check lineups everyday to see when your starter has a day off and then sub in your backup on that day, assuming he was in fact playing that day. It becomes tedious and also rather difficult to fill the 162 max.

With two slots, you can start your #1 guy every day and play your #2 whenever you want, even if the #1 is also playing, making it far easier to get to that max. This same scenario doesn't play out at the other positions where, unless you pick a platoon guy, you expect players to be in the lineup almost every day.