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Is there a way to see how a team or player has done from a specific date?

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For example, if I want to see player X's stats from July 1 to July 16, is there a way to see that? I know that I can see how they've done in the past 7 days, 14 days, etc or see splits by months, but is there any way to see how a player has done from a specific range of dates?
asked Aug 9, 2012 in FanGraphs Help by David M (7 points)

1 Answer

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Click on "Game Log" for a player then enter the desired dates in the proper fields.


answered Aug 9, 2012 by James Gentile (2,012 points)
What if I want to know culmative stats?  Game log tells me how they played each game, but I want to see something like their batting line for the specific dates (something similar to what you see on the dashboard of the player).  Do I need to manually do this, or is there a way so that this is already done?

B-Ref does what I think you are asking for: You just click on two dates and it computes the averages for you.


Exactly it! Thanks JDanger!