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Was offered Giancarlo and Cliff Lee for Bautista in a keeper league . Do it?

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asked Aug 13, 2012 in Lineups by jkud (23 points)

1 Answer

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A lot depends on the league settings, how much it costs to keep each, if you're in a title run, etc. but I'd definitely take Giancarlo/Lee for Joey Bats in almost any situation. Giancarlo is already pretty close to Bautista and younger. Lee is icing on the cake.
answered Aug 13, 2012 by DCisforBaseball (25 points)
Thanks man. I recently took over as manager for a guy in this league. I'm in last place, my team is terrible, right now my Keepers are Bautista, Longo, Kinsler, Haren, and Desmond, so I was looking to upgrade one of my keepers.