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A breakdown of O's Bullpen in 1-run/Extra inning games

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The O's have been unbeleivable in 1 run situations and extras. I'de like to see a comparison on the O's bullpen in regular games (IE run difference of 2+) and the same pen in 1 run and extra-inning games. Just a breakdown of the essentials.

I think a good deal of luck has gone into the O's winning those close games, but I think the bullpen and Buck's choices have a significant impact that cannot be ignored from a pure math perspective.
asked Aug 15, 2012 in FanGraphs Suggestions by Mike26M32 (4 points)

1 Answer

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The best way to go about this may be to look at Fangraph's Leverage Index and WPA for the BAL pen. If your theory is that Buck is using his better RPs in the most important situations, then LI will let you know.

Otherwise, if you have your heart set on the 1-run thing, you may have to wait till the end of the season and use the retrosheet fils. At least, I've never seen that split offered anywhere.
answered Aug 15, 2012 by James Gentile (1,880 points)