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Trout for Miggy?

0 votes
Standard 12 team roto, non keeper.

I give up Trout, Sandoval, Felix, Waino

I get: Starlin, Miggy, Chapman, Gallardo.

Who wins and is it fair?
asked Aug 17, 2012 in Trades by granderson central (5 points)
I would say this trade is not fair at all. I'd much rather have Trout/Panda/Felix/Waino

Felix and Waino have been top 5 pitchers in roto over the last month. Trout has been the top hitter in roto all year (since he's been called up)

You're taking a big hit in steals, runs scored, era/whip, strikeouts.

Getting a slight boost in HR/RBI, and obviously a big boost in saves.

Miggy just got removed from the game today and could sit out a few days. I would holdout until he gets an MRI. But I think you can only justify this trade if you have a very large lead in ERA/WHIP, and I guess K's to a certain extent, although Chapman should help there.

If it's just saves you need, I'd shoot for a lower profile closer. I would also be leery of dealing both of your aces.

1 Answer

0 votes
Depends on what stat categories you're need. If you need saves and HR, this would be a decent deal. If you need wins and steals, not so much.
answered Aug 23, 2012 by DCisforBaseball (25 points)