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What's up with Billy Butler?

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He’s having his best power season to date and his doubles/gap power are down considerably from his career rates. However according to Batted Balls he’s hitting less fly balls and more line drives than his career rate as well as a slight increase in ground balls. All of these numbers combine would seem to normally indicate his trends should be going in the reverse or at least more of what we’ve seen from Butler in the past. Yet here we are with about a month to go with most stats normalized and Butler is knocking on the door of 30 homeruns and 25-30 doubles. Any thoughts, reasons, or speculations?


According to ESPN "Just Enoughs" he has 9 of them this year, which could explain the homerun rate. http://hittrackeronline.com/detail.php?id=2012_82&type=hitter But is it enough to disprove his power? And what of the doubles rate?

asked Aug 20, 2012 in Sabermetrics by AJP (12 points)
edited Aug 20, 2012 by AJP

1 Answer

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If a player's HR rate is up and is doubles rate is down I would just assume that those BIP that would have been doubles in previous years are now landing on the other side of the wall.
answered Aug 21, 2012 by James Gentile (2,012 points)
Perhaps but homerun distance is actually less than it was last year by about 10 feet, I can't find the average distance on his flyballs though, so it could be plausible.