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What's the best baseball fiction in the last 25 years?

+3 votes
I'd be interested in anything beyond The Celebrant and Shoeless Joe. . .
asked Jun 25, 2012 in Ephemera by jaywigley (13 points)
I just read a short story called The Prospect by zack Drisko on my kindle. I hadn't heard of the author, but the story was amazing.

7 Answers

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Try Strike Zone by Jim Bouton and Eliot Asinof. Won't be the best thing you've ever read, but its certainly entertaining. Well worth your time.

answered Jun 26, 2012 by Bernie B. (5 points)
–1 vote
The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach is a great American Novel.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by dmay (3 points)
0 votes
Men at Work by George F. Will is a really in-depth, informative read.
answered Jun 26, 2012 by shubox (16 points)
+1 vote
I'm currently reading Lords of the Realm. That wasn't published with the last 25 years, but I would highly recommend it. It's a great look at the history of the game.

I've also enjoyed: both of Dirk Hayhurst's books.

-Fantasyland (even if you don't play fantasy sports).

-Boys of Summer (again, not from the last 25 years, but still great).
answered Jun 26, 2012 by Chris Cwik (7 points)
+2 votes

In complete honesty, I think the Dugout is the clear winner here, most especially the saga of the Brothers Young, The Kyle Farnsworth, and PECOTA's quest to vanquish the dream demon David Glass.

If Chad Harbach and I ever meet in a dark alleyway, shirts will come off and, unlike the sordid tale of Guert Affenlight, said action will not be a prelude to tenderness.

answered Jun 27, 2012 by dp (112 points)
edited Jun 27, 2012 by dp
+3 votes

My roommate has written what appears to be an accurate moment to moment retelling of the 2010 San Francisco Giants Championship season, entirely on typewriter.

Way Beyond Shoeless Joe.

Its working title is Tim Lincecum Buster Posey gay Fanfiction.

A reader comment from Chapter 39:

What a beautiful moment with Tim wondering if it's their last night and Buster saying "shut up" as they are both hoping their nights together will never end. It's been such a journey for them, the initial attraction, the passion of discovery, then all the rocky times and rough spots, but at last an understanding that they have something amazing and truly wonderful. Buster insisting on having sex in front of the glass wall open for the world to see is indicative of his acceptance of himself and Tim as lovers. Then, Buster's wondering about future Tims as he nears climax with Kristen is telling us much not just about how Buster can compartmentalize his sexual passions and also how much he loves Tim. This was a superb chapter, and you are masterful in the portrayal of these two unlikely lovers.Thank you for making my night!I k

answered Jun 27, 2012 by samuelraphael (179 points)
edited Jun 28, 2012 by samuelraphael
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I've never read much fiction, but I recall enjoying Sparky Lyle and David Fisher'sThe Year I Owned the Yankees. I laughed quite a bit through it, but that was like 20 years ago.

answered Jun 28, 2012 by RamboDiaz (51 points)