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Carlos Quentin

0 votes
I almost did a double take when I saw his OBP.

What tier of OF do people see him in 2013? 12 team 5x5 standard mixed roto league.
asked Sep 1, 2012 in Keepers by jcxy (183 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
His OBP is inflated by an insane HBP rate, even higher than his high career rate.  His value is not very high for 5x5, due to his consistent low BABIPs, lack of steals,  and constant injury troubles.  I think he would be of similar value to a LHH platoon hitter like  Matt Joyce.
answered Sep 2, 2012 by LeeTro (354 points)
0 votes
I'm not sure about the HBP thing, he's a big guy and not very agile, he can get hit 20 times a season if he reaches 500 plate appearences (He usually doesn't). .370 is over his average but .350 or even .360 could be reasnoble.

His K rate will raise, the drop this year seems coincidental, same as always swstrike and swing rates for him. But he's been killer both away and against left handers.  If you need power and get into the later picks he will be your guy, pick him on away trips and versus lefties and I say you'll get very good power rates with respectble on base percentege.
answered Sep 4, 2012 by TutGadol (28 points)