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Does a low team UZR make large BIP-win numbers more impressive?

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In the discussion if new FDP pitching stats, BIP-wins is defined as the amount of wins a pitcher added through his hit prevention, and in the subsequent post it was suggested that a pitcher only deserved credit for part of these wins, with the rest going to the defense.

Since defense is measured as well, does a discrepancy between team BIP-wins and team UZR suggest that pitchers deserve extra positive credit? Is it a sign that something is being calculated incorrectly (probably UZR)? Should we expect the numbers to theoretically be correlated?

Problem arose for me when, looking for reasons why the Orioles are outperforming everything, I noticed that their team BIP-wins was +1.2 but their team UZR is -23.6. If we try to split the BIP-wins credit, say, 50/50 between the pitchers and the defense, we get +0.6 each, but the Orioles defense has by a different metric been strongly negative this season. If we assume 10 runs=1 win, and both the BIP and UZR numbers are correct, does this suggest that the Orioles pitching in fact has saved 12 - (-23.6) = 35.6 runs through hit prevention?

How to reconcile this discrepancy?
asked Sep 4, 2012 in Sabermetrics by CaptWBligh (5 points)

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