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Michael Young and BABIP

0 votes
Michael Young is currently sporting a .289 BABIP, over .70 points lower than last year and .40 points than his career average. Is this significant drop more due to bad luck or is it simply because hes just not hitting the ball hard anymore? .083 ISO and 6% increase in GB percentage and a 4% dop in LD percentage.

Its also worth nothing that hes swinging and consequently making contact with more pitches that are outside of the zone than he ever has before.
asked Sep 5, 2012 in Sabermetrics by pittmanbaseball (5 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes
The .367 BABIP last year was lucky, the .289 average this year is likely slightly unlucky, but probably closer to his "true talent" and xBABIP, considering his deteriorating batted ball profile.
answered Sep 5, 2012 by TheoK (16 points)