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League BABIP for hitting vs. League BABIP for pitching

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My question is on BABIP. I noticed on fangraphs that this year the MLB-average BABIP for hitters is .297, yet the average BABIP for pitchers is .293

Why is that?

Here is the link for hitters: http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=bat&lg=all&qual=0&type=8&season=2012&month=0&season1=2012&ind=0&team=0,ss&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0
Here is the link for pitchers: http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=pit&lg=all&qual=0&type=2&season=2012&month=0&season1=2012&ind=0&team=0,ss&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0

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asked Sep 8, 2012 in Sabermetrics by Ian (4 points)

3 Answers

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I'm not quite sure if I'm right, but I do know that in league wRC+ they incorporate wRC+ from when pitchers hit. It may be the same with BABIP, but then I'd imagine lgBABIP would be lower..
answered Sep 8, 2012 by MauerPower (44 points)
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I was hoping the overseer would chime in on this one.
answered Sep 16, 2012 by James Gentile (1,793 points)
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BABIP for pitchers includes SH because it's not something we keep track of for pitchers, while for batters we are able to remove it.

Formula for pitchers is : (H – HR) / (TBF – BB – HBP – HR – SO)

And the formula for batters is: (H - HR) / (AB - SO - HR + SF)

For pitchers we used to use the following and still do for years prior to 1916 where TBF data is not readily available: (H - HR) / (IP * 2.82 - SO - HR)

answered Sep 17, 2012 by David Appelman (765 points)
Should've known. For that very same reason I have to create my pitcher's BABIP formula in retrosheet then export/import it into my Lahman. I think this is what B-ref does?