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Drop Shawn Marcum?

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I am currently in the lead in my 16 team roto league with Shawn Marcum not helping me out much the past couple of starts. Drop him for the following: Morrow, Jaime Garcia, Ervin Santana, Mike Minor or Edwin Jackson. I could use SOs and wins.

asked Sep 10, 2012 in Waiver Wire by tbhap (7 points)

2 Answers

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Brandon Morrow.
answered Sep 11, 2012 by James Gentile (1,863 points)
except the only problem is that the Blue Jays have forgotten how to hit the baseball. Makes wins hard to come by.

I would lean towards Jackson given how strong the Nats offense is, and their bullpen. With so few starts remaining though it really has everything to do with the matchups.
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I too, would go with Jackson based on the team he plays for, Morrow gives you K's, but Jackson will help you in more catagories this late in the season.
answered Sep 14, 2012 by BillK (8 points)