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A classic case of overthinking?

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Howdy Folks,

I have a rotation question for next week (9/17-09/23), first week of H2H playoffs.  My opponent currently has rotation listed as Baumgartner, Dempster, Fiers and Scherzer with AJ Griffin on bench, my guess is that he will sub Griffin for Fiers and have 4 pitchers scheduled for 2 starts a piece next week.
My rotation is currently, Cain, Hamels, Halladay and Josh Johnson, best bench option currently Fister.  Of course with exception of Fister all are scheduled for 1 start next week.  
5x5- WHIP/ERA/K's/Wins/Saves
So the question is kinda twofold, is Fister worth subbing for any of the 4 this week?  He has a home start later, but at White Sox either Mon or Tue which might be rough.  
I also have cap space to pick up one starter from waiver as well, but 2 start waiver options somewhat limited, Marco Estrada is kinda intriguing, other 2 start options available on waiver AJ Burnett, Alex Cobb prolly best of bunch.
Even if I make both moves I'm prolly still down 2 starts, I think K's may be lost already without some real luck as he's got some strong guys in that dept.  I traded for Cain prior to MLB trading deadline, and since that time (and the return of Doc)  I haven't changed rotation once and have lost no more than one week since.  So typically I wouldn't even think about changing, but with the number of starts he can put up the idea is at least entering my mind.
Any thoughts or advice y'all have would be appreciated (assuming you see this and have time to respond prior to games starting tomorrow, as this is a real late question).  Thanks again all, and in any case I look forward to your work in the future.
Mike "Schnocky" Schachtschneider
asked Sep 17, 2012 in Lineups by The Dweez (3 points)

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